Zest and Fresh was started in 2017 as a Mental Health Organisation. With mental health issues at an all time high, our aim was to promote a healthy mental lifestyle through various events and classes. Today our mission is the same. We hope you’ll join us on our ‘Zest Quest’ whether that’s from an office, a conferencing facility, a local cafe or your own home.

Additionally, the company pledges to give a nominal amount to a nominated local charity with the aim of living the life of an effective altruist. Please read our blog post about it here: http://zestquest.zestandfresh.co.uk/2017/08/what-haiti-and-grenfell-disaster-have.html



About the CEO

Hi I’m Kate- I’m an avid blogger, chef and running fanatic. I’m also a suicide survivor. You got this and you CAN get through it (R.I.P Ed :*( ). I want to tell you firstly about my journey and how it led to me to where I am today.

First off, we need to step way back in time to when I was at secondary school. My parent had divorced and this played a pretty big part in my life where marriage was concerned- I NEVER wanted to marry again! I say again as in my imaginary world I had already been through a marriage and a divorce (but I’ll save that story for another day)

I studied hard a secondary school to get the qualifications I needed. I was never classed as gifted. The work was hard but I got there. A levels were never my thing. You see, the education system had failed me.  It taught me to get a degree that no one needs or really wants. You see I had found my true calling in psychology- I just hadn’t realised it yet. it wasn’t until my breakdown that I truly realised I wanted to be a psychologist or psychiatrist or whatever  (I’m not yet sure of the difference between the two) and I wanted to study psychology with psychiatry as I truly want to become a psychologist. How will I fund this I hear you ask? Well , the sales of Neal’s Yard Beauty Boxes will certainly be one aspect but I need help with the other…who will fund me to undertake this degree?

Happy Beautiful day everybody,

Kate Woodward

CEFO Zest and Fresh Mental Health Services