Adding a lil OOMPH to your life

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Hi everyone,

Weight issues àhealthier diet à weight loss (hopefully)

High protein low fat soya based gf 😀 vegan


Lately, I’ve been told I have to slim down (doctors orders unfortunately). So, with this in mind I wanted to take a critical look at my diet. One of the first things I cut down on was the amount of meat I was eating. This is really hard for a self-confessed meat lover but I persisted with different brands all with varying degrees of success until I came across ‘Oomph’. Initially, I was pretty sceptical with a 225g bag costing £3.50. Yes, this would usually be out of my usual price range but in the name of reviews I caved in and bought the whole range. I was doubly happy to find that currently, they’re on offer in the frozen vegetarian isle at tesco for 3 bags for £6 rather than the usual £3.50 each so cue the clapping hand emoji- woop woop :D.

As some of you know, my diet can be pretty boring now and then as I follow a strict gluten and milk free diet due to allergies but I was even happier to find that the only main allergen present in these packets were mustard. An even bigger plus was that they contained no nasty E numbers so I was sure what was in was simply pure and natural. An even bigger win! So, if you’re reading this, you’re about to be blown away for I’m about to tell you….yes not only are they gluten free, they’re also dairy free too making them completely vegan. The only drawback I can think of is that they’re not yet certified by the vegan society. But please don’t let that put you off.

Initially, I was also sceptical that a 225g bag would scarcely be enough for 2 never mind 1 but this high protein soya based ‘meat’ definately didn’t disappioint!



The ‘kebab’ meat you can see on the left of the photo cooked in under 5 minutes and had an amazing fresh and zingy smell. I also liked that the texture was very similar to that of a real shwarma kebab. And by this I mean the kind of real meat where you can identify *exactly* what kind of meat it is. I also liked that this was probably a lemon and herb level of spice on the scale of nandos spice scale.  The only slightly disappointing thing about this is it seemed to disappear rather quickly so I’d like to ask for more please…and quick!!



‘Pulled Pork’

For me, Sadly, this version of vegan ‘pulled pork’ (which you can see on the right) was not as good as the sainsbury’s jack fruit version (review coming soon!).  This is because it wasn’t very stringy like traditional pulled pork and was probably a medium on the nandos spice scale. Also I didn’t feel it had enough enough sauce BUT would eat it again as part of say an enchilada or something like that so overall it was edible but not on my fave list.

Happy Beautiful day everyone 😀

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