Cola Crazy! Taking a sweet look at Biona Organics Vegan Cola Sweets

Hey everyone,

This week I’ve been feeling a bit low and like most people, I’ve strayed from my usual healthy eating a little. I was trying to look for something that was a ‘naughty but nice’ treat. Usually, my go-to is a good decent slab of chocolate (my faves will be reviewed soon) but this time I wanted to something a little different. I’m always up for trying new things which is why when I came across a vegan range of jelly sweets I just HAD to share my thoughts on. This is when I came across Biona Organics Vegan Sweets.

Biona is part of a larger company called windmill organics who are committed to ethically producing traceable food. All of their products are organic, GMO free and suitable for vegetarians (and in most cases vegans too!) This is one of the main reasons for choosing them as I know the ingredients used in this product will be as natural as possible.

Photo 16-03-2018, 23 54 23


Initially, I was a little sceptical- after all the traditional jelly sweet is made of pork gelatin which gives it that irresistible firm chewy texture. From past experience of making jelly sweets from pectin (a substance found in apples that makes jellies and jams set) well, let’s just say the results had been less than desirable. Nevertheless, I was still willing to give it a go- all in the name of reviews and giving you the best advice of course!

So with this, I took a hesitant bite into the world of gluten free and vegan jelly sweets. I was amazed to find it was actually a nice taste. While the jelly texture wasn’t as firm as say the traditional pork gelatin Haribo sweets they were very pleasant. I could definitely taste the cola flavour and while it was there it wasn’t overpowering which I really liked. Sometimes though, I wish they were coated in a tangy sugar coating as I think this could take these babies to the next level! I also was slightly let down as if I’m at a party I want my allergy to be as discreet as possible as I hate the fuss of ‘omg you’re gluten free?!’ so for me these cola bottles were slightly disappointing on size because it’s clear they’re a knock-off nigel when it comes to looking the same as the fun size version.

However, I’m happy to overlook this as the taste and genereal look of them far outweigh these slight mishaps. Overall, I’d give this product and 8/10. Good job Biona!


Happy Beautiful Day everyone


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