A Savvy Choice to Choose Savsé

Hello wonderful readers,

You may have followed me earlier in the year when I attempted to do ‘Veganuary’. For those of you that don’t know) (or those who have been living in a hole lately) this is when people pledge to go vegan for a whole month.

As my diet is already gluten and milk free (through allergies not choice) I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to experience what it would be like to live without meat. However, my life felt like it was severely lacking in something and after reading an article in the Independent, I realised how potentially damaging my diet was. This is when I questioned what it was really doing to my body. However, that’s a post for another day.


While I failed at this attempt in one respect, my experience broadened my horizons in others. One thing it did teach me is that my diet was completely out of whack! I was eating a lot of red meat-probably a lot more than I should have been and not enough fruit and veg.

An easy way to introduce them was to start with veg as a side. After a while though, peas, broccoli and kale seemed far less appealing than when I first started my quest. This is when I started looking for alternatives. Thankfully, the majority of supermarkets had jumped on the band waggon of Veganuary which made looking for alternatives a lot easier.

This is when I came across Savsé. This company produce little bottles of pure genius in my view. However, compared to a lot of other companies, Savsé don’t pasteurise or heat their smoothies so the result is something rather good! Instead, they use High Pressure Processing (HPP) – a non-thermal preservation process that deactivates the nasties, without reducing the nutritional value of the fruit and veg. This all started when one of the founders wanted a healthy way to increase the iron levels during her pregnancy. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength.


But let’s get back to the product. My first taste of Savsé was something rather special when I went for ‘Nina’s Super Green,’ which contained spinach, kale, pear, broccoli, apple, lemon, kiwi and banana. At first I was rather hesitant. I still squirm at the thought of eating raw greens and I HATE the distinctive grass taste some smoothies that contain similar ingredients give. However, Savsé definitely delivered on their promise of ‘delicious and wholesome’. This particular bottle was slightly fruity and tasted a lot more of pear than the usual grass flavour. However, the range is diverse as it is colourful. I urge you to get to Sainsbury’s to try more of their delicious range and at £2 a pop who can really say no?!

What’s more a 250ml bottle only contains 95 calories and is especially high in fibre and protein so perfect for those wishing to watch the scales.

Overall, a top hit. The product has defiantly left me wanting more. Thanks Savsé 😀


Happy Beautiful Day,

Team Z&F 😀

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