Ko-Konutterly Fair

Hi Zest Questers,

The lovely people at Koko dairy free were kind enough to send us a box full of a whole range of their delicious milks from original, to light to unsweetened. So in the name of research, I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on each one and of course a delicious recipe to go with them! Oh and all of these can be found at most good supermarkets for £1.50.

What’s more, they’re filled with calcium and vitamin D which is often what those following a dairy free diet lack. Calcium is really important in our diets as it helps to build strong bones and prevent osteoporosis in later life. As a guide, the NHS recommends 700mg of calcium per day which is about 3 glasses of milk. Unlike some non-dairy milks, I found that this brand was very stable in hot drinks and didn’t curdle at all. What’s more is that the company claims it matches conventional semi-skimmed milk for total fat (2%) and calcium (120mg per 100ml)  Woop 😀 So for this reason (and many others that I’m about to explain) I’m giving Koko dairy free 10/10!



First up was the Koko dairy free original. It has 24 calories which was quite surprising to me given how sweet it was. While it was good in tea as it was naturally sweeter, I found it slightly too sweet for cereal. However, it was very tasty in pancakes. Please see this post for the full recipe.



For the Koko dairy free light, I found this best with hot chocolate as it wasn’t as sweet and settled a lot better on my stomach before bed. I really like to pimp my hot chocolate so with a mug full of the Koko dairy free milk I add 4 teaspoons of chocolate powder (a massive fan of Green and Blacks!), 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, ½ a teaspoon of mixed spice, ¼ teaspoon cracked black pepper and ¼ chilli powder for a little oomph! And if I’m wanting to really indulge, I’ll top it off with a good old dollop of coconut cream when it’s come out of the microwave!



For the Koko dairy free unsweetened, I found that it was best in a good cuppa and was possibly the closest thing to semi-skimmed milk you could get! I also used it as a lighter alternative to coconut cream in a thai curry which was equally delicious!


Overall, I was very happy that the brand delivered exactly what it said it would- delicious milk.


Happy Beautiful Day,




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