What ‘The Intern’ Taught US about Connectivity

Dear fabulous Zest Questers,

Today I was inspired by the film ‘The Intern’. *SOILER ALERT* This is when a 50 something year old man applies for an internship at an e-commerce company with the help of technology and the internet. This inspired me with a project of my own….lately I’ve seen the wonders the technology has had in helping my nanna stay in touch with family from around the world. It’s prevented her from isolation and lonliness at times and without this I fear she’d be in a much worse state than she is now. This is why, in 2018 I’ll be launching an initiative with AgeUK to help integrate technology into older people’s lives. The funds raised from Katie’s will be reinvested to buy assistive texhnology such as ipads and tablets to allow older people to reconnect with their family and friends. Just one of the ways Zest and Fresh @ Katies’ helps you keep in touch! More on this coming soon! Until then, head over to http://www.emilywoodward.com for more about PROJECT:kind in conjunction with AgeUK.

Much love and Happy Beautiful Day,

Katie-Emily Woodward

CEFO Zest and Fresh ltd.


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