Reishi Benefits: Part 2

Dear Zest Questers,

I’ve been looking into the benefits and effects of the ganoderma mushroom and this is what I’ve found….

In terms of the benefits on depression the benefits aren’t clear. This is because ther’s very little research that’s been sone on them despite a whole host of hear say that suggests their exceptional benefits. Therefore, I have to take an objective approach to this and suggest that because of the lack of research so far ganoderma mushrooms may be overrated and therefore, the benefits of taking the mushroom should be taken with a pinch of salt.

However, I am interested in studying their effects so I’d like to propose a study to research their benefits. Ideally, the study would be proposed by a university student who would have all the support (in terms of financial contacts ) they could need. In this sense, I hope the study will be as balanced as possible and really show us the true benefits of ganoderma Reishi Mushrooms.

Thanks for your support once again,

Katie Smiles,

CEFO Zest and Fresh ltd.


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