Eating Disordered- A Christmas Pantomime

Dear lovely Zest Questers,

As you may have read over on my other site all about my life with anxiety and depression (please inbox me for details if you’re unsure) I’ve been battling with the baddie which is an eating disorder that all stems from a dream of where I’m being chocked to death. I wake up feeling like I’m being chocked and hence this is why I can’t eat. Quite frankly, it’s a HORRIBLE dream L . Not only has it nocked my usual diet totally out of kilter, it’s also made me lose a load of weight. So I guess yeyy in some ways but boo in others (promise this isn’t a pantomime story…or is it?). Anyway, this has made my diet rather restrictive limiting me to herbal teas such as peppermint and liquorice (mmm currently my fave woop woop), protein shakes and water. Zest Questers, I can’t even begin to describe how frustrating this is! Naturally, I’m a rather adventurous eater willing travel to the world (more on this coming soon!) to give anything a try but this highly restrictive diet was just a bridge too far! (Boo hiss again!)

So, the hero has come to save the day in the form of breakfast shakes. These will be smooth, easy to digest and most importantly vegan and free from the top 14 allergens (of which I’ll list soon!). In the meantime however, stay tuned to Zest and Fresh Institute updates for some really exciting news coming soon!


Much Love and HBD,

Katie Smiles,

The Heroine who Saved the Day,

CEFO Zest and Fresh Mental Health Institute



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