Nail Polish to the Rescue!

Dear Zest Questsers,

When paining my nails and getting ready for the New Year’s Party ahead, never did I imagine what life would be like with out a fabulous sparkly or red bottle of nail polish. Naturally, I’d reach for Rimmel here (no I’m not being sponsored to say this) so that begs the question- is vegan nail polish really a thing?

After a little research I found out that YES it is 😀 however, I have a problem….with all of my current projects being set up I don’t have a lot of time for this one which is where YOU come in!!

I have a mission should you choose to accept. Basically, I’m looking for a vegan and gluten free nail varnish that is also free from camphor but looks like I’ve had a professional manicure. Can anyone recommend anything?

Much love,

Katie Smiles,

CEFO Zest and Fresh ltd.


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