‘Are Women Fit to Rule the Roost?’ Part of the Relationship with Business

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve posted this before but I felt this post was very relevant today. Prepare yourselves for some very exciting events coming soon to Cafe Zest and Fresh!

Happy Beautiful day everyone,




Just like me, Elizabeth didn’t want her assets taken by an incredulous gold digger- she was loyal to the job and wanted to marry for love just like me -Besides why should we marry for ‘assets’ anyway? Surely they should just be a happy side effect? But that’s not all…if she was alive today I believe she’d be a highly interesting person to have at the dinner table. Just consider a few of these things:

Religion: Despite the country being protestant Elizabeth didn’t practice a particular religion- in fact you could say she was agnostic like me…so why practice a practice a particular religion? More coming soon!

Gender identity: Despite being well known as the virgin queen- Queen Elizabeth had many lovers and admirers just like me but why does that make her a feminist? Well, just like me, she embraced it rather than hiding away from it (she also had an army of clever propaganda wingmen just like me) but unlike me, it wasn’t considered proper to celebrate femininity with her own burlesque club…so Elizabeth, this one’s for you!

Love: She also never married as she was loyal to the job she was born for and didn’t want her assets usurped. Is this such a crime in today’s world?

She was head strong, ambitious and incredibly flirtatious at times to get what she wanted (in some ways like me…I’ll not tell you which bits though haha) which is why many may consider her one of the most successful monarchs of all time. Is this still a crime today?

And finally, she was ruthless at times in order to ensure the safety of herself and her empire. While I wouldn’t go as far as murder of my own family, I would do an awful lot to protect them. So, in this way, we both have an awful lot in common. We are both brave. We are both feminists of our time.


HBD everyone,


21st century feminist and Caretaker CEO Zest and Fresh

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