The Ethical Question mark: Part 2 Welfare Standards

As you may have read from the latest recipe I posted, as part of making a healthier change to my diet, I have decided to go on a gluten free vegan diet. Now I know this may sound a bit extreme but please bear with me so I can explain why…

First up it’s an ethical issue. In the quest to find the best diet in the world to follow (more on this coming soon in my travel blog which I currently haven’t updated yet-oops) I’ve come across a range of scientific papers and journals that argue we should be eating less meat and more vegetables. Granted, I took this with a poinch of salt but the more I look into it the more it seems to make sense. This is because the ever increasing regulations around so-called ‘welfare standards’ seem a bit skewed.

Let’s take a step back a bit and look at this objectively…Within the past year nearly a third of people have cut back on meat for ‘health reasons’ according to the Vegetarian society. But why? In the following series of blogs, this is what I aim to explore.

p.s this is me- a typical vegan :D…or at least I look something like this haha

Happy Beautiful day everybody,



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