Helping the Environment part 3: The 3 R’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Part of the Relationship with Business Series

I felt particularly inspired to write this after watching the final episode in the BBC series called ‘Blue Planet II’ (now available on Netflix). I hope you enjoy this installment.

As you may have noted from this title, the three R’s are applicable to veganism. This is because to help the planet we have to reduce our consumption of meat as well as energy and water (watch out for lots of initiatives on this coming soon!) We have to reuse what we can (more on this coming soon!) and recycle what we can. This could be anything from sorting your recycling into the right bins to upcycling items. Upcycling is when old things are reused for a new purpose. For example, you might use an old plant pot as a lampshade for example. While the ideas are limitless, this is what we’d like to base our café on here at Zest and Fresh HQ. Stay tuned for more details!

More to follow soon!

Happy Beautiful day folks,


CEO Zest and Fresh ltd.

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