Oooh La La Orange Cake- For When You Need Comforting xx

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another fab blog post all about cooking for depression. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as me! So with this I bring you my latest recipe…

200g cornmeal

180g ground almonds

1tbsp orange juice

Splash lemon juice

2tbsp chia seeds

½ cup water

2 tbsp coconut oil

Orange and lemon rind (to garnish)



So here’s the ingredients…only problem is I don’t have a recipe as all mine turn out as hard as bricks. So Zest Questers, I have a mission (should you choose to accept it) I’m looking for something light and fluffy- something lighter than you grandmother’s pillow ;P just joking but I would like it to be pretty light with an open texture and ideally no chemicals or animal produce please- the NEEDS to be a vegan recipe! 😀

Also, I’m looking for something to sweeten it…will you use maple syrup or perhaps rice bran syrup? The choice is all yours all I ask is NO ANIMAL PRODUCE PLEASE!

Please contact me using the form below:

p.s if you have any attachments please send them to

THANK YOU 😀 xxxxx

Happy Beautiful day everyone,



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