Finance Frustrations ARGH!

So lately you may have been following my journey of me and Bertha (my cross trainer) at and so this is the first part of the installment into how I’m going to fund this organisation (soon to be charity). So with this, it’s over to Pete for a rundown on the vitals that is funding….


So, I hear you ask, how can we afford all of the gym equipment? Well, we will rely on the generosity and selflessness of others to fund our organisation (soon to be a charity). It will also be lottery funded so that we can lease equipment to those most in need. The funding application will be applied for by someone who specialises in this area (job post coming soon!) in order to maximise funding. Ideally, this person will love to volunteer their time and expertise to the organisation. They will have a fantastic sense of humour and will be outgoing to meet all of the contact the organisation will put them in touch with.

Additionally, the charity will have a dedicated personal trainer who will send out invites to group classes (virtual personal training). All the user needs is an internet connection. We will team up with other charities such as mind to ensure that the most vulnerable have access to this almost free service. We say this because there’ll be a nominal charge for the usage of this equipment. This will allow the proper upkeep of it and ensure that none of the equipment is stolen! We hope that this scheme will allow for a fitter, healthier and happier patient that will have a lower chance of going through the mental health system of a hospital and intensive treatment again.


Happy Beautiful day everyone,

Kate Smiles and Pete Ward


Zest and Fresh Mental Health Organisation

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