Life of a Suicide Survivor

To anyone out there reading this who is contemplating taking thier own life ‘just to feel in control’ or for whatever reason please read this first!




Hi I’m Katie,

I’m an avid blogger and I suffer from a mental health ‘disease’ that no doctor can diagnose. Like many people, I suffer from frequent panic attack, crushing anxiety and general insomnia (which is why I’m writing this now haha). I want you and everyone out there to know that there IS hope with cafe Zest and Fresh (coming soon to a place near you!) I want you to keep all those suffering from a mental illness in your thoughts and prayers (whatever religion you follow) and know that you are safe and loved by god and so many people around you- you just don’t always realise that.

I want you to take a deep breath and think of a time when you were most happy and picture that. Picture all the love in the world and you and that. That’s how I survived and you will too!

much love,

Katie Smiles,



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