What “Lion” Taught Us about Bravery and Abandonment

I’ve always felt like I’ve never quite fitted in but lately I’ve discovered why… I firmly believe everyone needs a sense of belonging which I never always felt. Why has god (Buddha- the religion I most identify with) brought me here? Why do I yearn for that sense of belonging to much? Why is it so important to me? However, in the words of a famous anonymous person ‘why fit in when you’re born to stand out?’ This will be the mantra for the rest of my life (along with 2 of my favourite poems which I’ll publish soon)’

I felt at home when I did my degree at Buxton, it was a kind of gut feeling you see that I got nowhere else. However, while my degree ended up being a BA in ‘hospitality and culinary arts’ it should’ve been in sports or something (which was also done at that campus at the time) as it’d would’ve stood me in good stead for the rest of my career. But I guess, it was not meant to be.

My parents encouraged me to cook when I really wanted to be a runner yet I felt more comfortable baking than running as I was overweight and self-conscious at that time (as any teenager would be). Baking was therapy to me, running was hell on fire but I still pursued something that was difficult to me. It didn’t come naturally, but then again, nothing ever did for me.

Looking back to my A levels and GCSEs, while I achieved fairly good grades, I had to work tremendously hard for them. My work ethic was ‘work hard until you break’.

This was especially true when I worked for “Hardy and Cutler” as we like to call them for now- although I’m sure you’ll work out the name of it fairly easily given it’s a FTSE 100 company and in the food and drink industry. They broke my mental health and I became a shadow of my former self among a whole host of other reasons- of which I’d like to sue for if someone’s willing to help me.

It wasn’t until I was admitted to a mental hospital that I realised I was in completely the wrong industry. I enjoyed my morning yoga stretch as it was in the right environment along with the fitness instructors that gave me a tailored gym plan that allowed me to achieve my goal of completing the Great North Run (along with a little help from our fitness instructors too!). Again, this was in the right environment that was both supportive and loving in a friendly sort of way. Oh, and it also had a fantastic sea view- both of which I loved! So you see, my whole life has been lived as a lie until lately, when I realised I was in completely the wrong industry.

I hope to build on this discovery and incorporate some of the natural elements into my ‘Mind Spa’ while ensuring that the rooms patients and clients will stay in are some of the best in the industry. This will combine my knowledge of the industry as well as a whole host of industry experts including Andy (not the one that raped me!) to ensure that the experience is that of a five star hotel but with three star prices. This will be done through a whole host of client deals and relying on the generosity and congenitality of others. I hope this will allow for a successful hotel that the NHS will be paying for.


Happy Beautiful day,


CEFO Zest and Fresh and

COO Katie-Neal’s Beauty Box

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