Why Children in Need Are So Successful at Fundraising: Part of the relationship with Business Series

Watching the BBC Children in Needs last night, I was enamoured by the heart-wrenching campaigns to make people donate…but what exactly makes their stories so successful? Firstly, their campaigns tell a story that’s highly emotive. And how many times have we heard elbow already?! Think it’s safe to say that ‘one day like this’ has been played a little too much. But if all of that isn’t enough to lure you in, here’s one last trick…an easy to remember text code! Yes, this is something we’re hoping to emulate.

Why Children in Need Inspire Me  

Unlike most charities, the whole of the donation does actually go to the cause this is because in a statement issues by the BBC  ‘All other costs not attributable to grant making are covered by investment income and gift aid’ this is something I hope to emulate as I believe transparency is key to a successful charity.

Next up is making a big hoo-ha! This is successfully done by an annual fundraising event. I hope to follow in the footsteps of this excellent charity by holding a fundraising gala dinner of celebrity and corporate clients every year. The first will be held at the ‘Glass Center’ sometime in July 2020. This is because there’s a lot of worthy local causes and as you’ll see from this article, charity really does start at home. I hope to inspire local mental health and arts charities to really become involved with the wider community and Zest and Fresh. This will be done through a variety of ways including the so-called ‘Happiness Conference’ in July 2019. I hope this will allow enough time for planning to make it a truly fantastic event!

Happy Beautiful day everyone,

Katie Woodward-Smiles,


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