What is Truth?

The OED doesn’t really give a very good definition of truth other than ‘that which is true in accordance with fact or reality’ however, to me, this springs more questions than answers. How do I know I live in reality? Perhaps my life is much like ‘the Truman Show’ and aliens or something are watching us all from space (more on that another day). And then, this springs to mind…the word ‘mental patient’. Would I have been able to build a blog if I’d had this label stuck to me? Am I able to build a business if I don’t know who I am? Will people accept me for whoever I am regardless of ‘the truth’? These are some of the questions I don’t have answers to but I’m hoping a trained psychologist can help discover.


Happy Beautiful day folks,

Kate Smiles (as I’m too embarrassed to reveal my real name),

CEFO Zest and Fresh

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