‘Embracing Kindness: Part 2’

The sad fact was unlike Cinderalla she was all alone in her dream…that was until Pete came along (you’ll get to meet him soon!). Pete taught her about finance and how to manager her money. He also taught her about love and kindness that came from a lifetime of being selfless. He was the one for her. But you see, Pete had never met Emily (or indeed Kate) and he’s on a mission to find her which is why she’s setting up a one time event in July 2018 to find the man of her dreams. This ball is based on a lifetime of regrets and happiness and will be called a ‘happiness event,’ with the chance to meet Pete being a once in a lifetime event….so what are you waiting for get yourself along to the ball of a lifetime!


Happy Beautiful day,


CEO Zest and Fresh (soon to be changed)

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