‘Fun-station’ Part of the Relationship with Business Series: What will make our Business Fun?

It’s important to have fun while you’re at work- just like I did while I was at sainsburys. The team there were great as they always like to have a laugh and this is the type of team I’d like to have at café Zest and Fresh. From family fundraising days to pedalling on a bike at crazy miles per hour, Sainsburys was there. They supported the team on all of their fundraising adventures from the concept right through to race day and beyond. Plus, they were more than supportive with match funding and giving you time off when you needed it. I hope to share some of this success with the fantastic team at café Z&F.

You see, Zest and Fresh isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life. When you join, you’re being welcomed into a family who share the same beliefs and values as us. And that’s why we’re so successful. We have a ‘mastermind alliance’ of people who share the same values and beliefs as us. We’re proud of all our mental health problems and we embrace challenges as they come.


So, how do we make this institution fun? Well part of this is up to you and your suggestions…the other part is having a fun and outgoing personality that loves to make people smile. You’ll have a warm persona and will love to talk to people from all walks of life.


If this sounds like you, please could you contact us on the contact form in July 2018 for more info.



Happy Beautiful day folks,


Caretaker CEO Zest and Fresh

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