‘Dear Austin, the Loan Sharks Have Arrived: Part 2’

Dear Austin,

Oh how I so desperately want my car back AND my own business but the lady at the bank wants me to go in and see her and I can’t do that due to the terms of my benefit agreement. How on earth am I meant to get a loan if I can’t go somewhere I’m not familiar with? <Cue crying emoji> I’m so frustrated! It seems this loan will be going on my credit card. Oh Austin, how I hate, hate, HATE this! I so desperately want my own business- something I can be proud of, you know what I mean?

Sadly, the banks won’t loan to me because my income is less than £7500 and I’m on benefits now because I can’t get a regular job. I just want a regular loan that will let me lend a small amount to repay my debts at a more ‘normal’ pace- whatever that is. I just don’t understand it though….I have a good credit card history and everything but sadly the normal banks just won’t lend to me. I don’t know what I’m gonna do now. <cue upset emoji now>

Anyway, I guess you’re wondering what this business idea is and I’m gonna tell you right now. It’s a cardboard box you can post and it’s filled with Neal’s Yard goodies that are designed to increase happiness in the workplace. Oh Austin, how I wish you could see how much people love them! They have 2 full size products in them, samples, tea bags a work situation and everything! I just wish people would believe in me when I say it’ll work <cue crying emoji> Anyway, I have a plan to put it on my credit card. I’ve worked out the interest and I believe it’s gonna work so that’s what I’m gonna do. I hope so desperately that it takes off! I just know it will. And if it does, well I’ll have a very good friend to thank for that! But what if it doesn’t I hear you ask? Well my dear, failure isn’t an option. This risk is too expensive to not be able to afford. What would you have me do gorgeous?


Happy Beautiful day gorgeous,

Much love,


CEO Zest and Fresh Banking.

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