‘What Makes You Drive?’ Part of the Relationship with Business Series: Employee Motivation

What drives me many of you may ask? Well, quite simply, it’s the will to succeed. I was never top of the class but then again I was never at the bottom. Yet, I always wanted to be an over achiever. The one that went the extra mile for someone and that’s what Zest and Fresh is based on. The will to succeed and the drive for success.

From being a young child, the will to succeed was always around. Whether it was the perceived pressure from my parents or my own goals. This drive followed my all the way to the top job to which I still suffer from my own success.

Previous to this, sadly, this will to succeed led to my own downfall in my mental health after trying to be the best at a top performing job to which I was no good at. I hope our employees will share this drive and success in order to be the top performers but will also recognise the symptoms of their own mental health should they be in distress.


Happy Beautiful day folks,

Kate Smiles,

Caretaker CEO

Zest and Fresh

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