‘PROJECT:Kind’ and the Happiness Café’ Part of the Relationship with Business series and Trick or Treat: The Road to my Mental Hospital (or the ‘Mind Spa’)

Project Kind will be set up to help young and vulnerable women and inspire the next generation of people into meaningful careers that they want to do. It will be filled with glass makers, jewellery makers and a network of SMEs (Small and Medium size Enterprises) to inspire people to fulfill their dreams and not go with what their parents wanted them to do. And I have a secret to admit gorgeous, I have always had an interest in science and I think having been through what I’ve been through I’d make a good mental health doctor or Psychiatrist as they call them these days haha. So gorgeous, will you help me achieve my dream?

**UPDATE** I’ve purchased some books for my biology a-level- will anyone be willing to help me achieve my dream of a university degree in physics? Only joking, I’d like to be a doctor of psychiatry and just wondered how I get there? Please inbox me in the usual way at zestandfresh@gmail.com for more details

Happy Beautiful day beautiful,

Much love,

Emily Wood,

CEFO Zest and Fresh Mental Health Hospital

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