The A-Z of Company Policies

A is for apprentice. We love inspiring the next generation to be successful entrepreneurs and to read and write. That’s why we’ll be introducing ‘bring a kid to work day’ to show them the world of work and what they could get up to.

B- regular breaks and learning a new skill are essential.

C is for cost- ‘ the most effective project run on a shoestring’

D is for Drive- what drives you be the best? more on this coming soon!

E is for environment. If you flush it- does it really need a full flush? If you bin it- does it really need to be recycled? If you wash it- is this the most effective way? If you flick it- does it really need to be turned on? Can You Ride it?

F is for fun- what have you done today to make the day fun? More on this here

G is for goals- have you got yours? Read this protected post here

H is for happiness- one of the fundamental principles of the company! More on this coming soon

I is for Inclusion- see our policy here

J is for juggling- we expect our employees to learn a new skill and share it with others.

K is for kindess- one of the fundamentals of our company. We expect everyone to share

L is for the LGBT community- see our policy here!

M is for meritocracy- read all about it here! .

N is for no. Check it out here!

O is for openness. Let’s talk mental health. More on that coming soon. Until then feel free to check out

P is for pride. Let’s take pride in all that we do. Whether it’s from the cleaner to the CEFO

Q is for quality. We only expect the best. This is a given and so no policy is included here.

R is for respect. There is a flat structure here (up until senior management) Find out more about our employee structure here, more on senior managment coming soon!

S is for seating- exercise ball are a MUST– we hope you adopt this policy in your home.

T is for transport- more on that coming soon

U is for uniform

V is for venting (also called mediation or Meditation) more on this soon!

Wellness- have you been to the gym or meditated today? More on this coming soon!


Y is for yes- say yes to more opportunities of working with us. Y is also for Yummy Mummies. Read more here.

Z is for Zoo- we’re all a bit crazy here but that’s ok you’ll learn to adapt 😀


Happy Beautiful day!


Caretaker CEO Zest and Fresh Mental Health Services



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