‘What blacks and Latinos Have in Common with Drugs’ Part of the Relationship with Diversity and Business Series: The Inclusion Clause of Our Company Policy ‘Dealing with Unconscious Bias’,

Did you know that if you’re a Black American, you have a 3 in 4 chance of ending up in prison. This is higher the incarceration rate of people in South Africa during the apartheid!

However, the shocking truth is that recent studies have shown that people of all races use and sell drugs at a similar rate so why are the minority races targeted? This series aims to explore these issues. But before I go on, it’s important to note that despite the number of incarcerations quadrupling, the US crime rate hasn’t actually increased.  I think the lesson to take home is just like UK society, the Us society is dysfunctional. This may be quoted as a rather extreme view but let’s just put that into perspective…if you’re caught dealing drugs in the US, you could be imprisoned for rather a long time. A case in 1982 demonstrates this when someone was charged with the intent to supply and the possession of drugs was charged with 40 years in prison! That’s almost 2 life sentences here in the UK. But why is this so crazy? Well, essentially it’s down to the people on the front line having too much power. This is why this company will be based on a meritocracy culture- work hard and your efforts will be rewarded! But what has this got to do with bias in the company culture?


What I’m trying to explain is that sometimes, managers can unconsciously choose someone because for example they may have gone to the same school as the recruiter just as you could say from this evidence that there’s an unconscious bias in the minds of American police that black people are more likely to be drugs dealers. I hope this sets the precedent for what we’re expecting ofour employees and contractors.


Happy Beautiful day everyone,


Caretaker CEO Zest and Fresh

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