‘U is for Uniforms,’ Part of the Relationship with Business Series: Learning to Adapt to different People’s Personalities

At this point in my blog I’d probably give some whizzy statistics to show how bad the situations is but for this area there simply isn’t anything. So, I’d like to set out my own clause that defines how people should dress in my organisation.

Firstly, let’s start with hair and makeup. This should be smart and presentable. I’m all for expression but there’s expression and then there’s taking things to the extreme. Yes, it is true that we accept the rejects of society but even this area has its limitations. By this clause I mean (but not limited to) crazy blue Mohican hair styles and piercings and tattoos in literally every available space. This is cool for an exhibitionist but not for us. Please kindly remove them and come back to us when it’s sorted.

With regards to makeup, this MUST be a natural look. No exceptions. This is because Zest and Fresh prides itself on natural beauties and anything else would be a contraction to this. Pictures to follow soon!

Nail polish- Quite simply no! We like our staff to be natural beauties but by all means have a gorgeously buffed and shaped nail! 😀

With regards to dress, we accept that clothing is yet another expression of ourselves which is why we feel office wear is not always appropriate. In this case, the dress code is down to the individual in as much as it’s smart and presentable- something you wouldn’t mind wearing to a family dinner or visiting your gran.

Tights- You’re a natural beauty and you don’t need them (just for you pete ;P)

Representing the brand- please wear something green, yellow or orange- this MUST suit your skin colour. For example it could be (but not limited to) a piece of jewellery (again dependant on your work area) or an item of clothing. Please see your line manager for more details

‘The heel issue’ Frankly, I find wearing heels 24/7 really uncomfortable which is why I prefer wedges plus for a range of reasons they’re more ergonomic for the feet. I accept everybody is different so while this is a preference, it’s not a rule. Smart black shoes should do on the work floor.

Religious jewellery- this is allowed as long as it’s discreet.

Wedding bands and other jewellery. This is allowed but please see your line manager for specifics as there may be exception to the rule- for example in food handling areas.

Pandora Bracelets- please see your line manager for more specifics.

Statement jewellery and that from local dealers- please see your line manager for specifics.

Makeup and clothing suppliers- please ensure wherever possible that these are ethical brands for example (again these are not limited to) the body shop, fairtrade, Bibco, Briony and co. You’ll notice from your staff discount card that all of our clothing brands are ethical. We’ve also tried to ensure that our diamonds are fair trade too- so you can be the belle of the ball every day!

With regards to buying food, we try to source local and ethical wherever possible and we expect the same from our employees too! Please try to buy local and avoid the big supermarkets. This is because every time some on buys local and actual independent seller does a dance. Woop woop! Put your hands in the air with that emoji!

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