‘The Face of Feminism?’ Part of the Feminism in the 21st Century Series: Being Open and Honest in a Culture Filled with Gossip’

Aphra Behn- outspoken playwright of her time- often overshadowed by the likes of contemporary playwrights of her day such as John Dryden. But why?

She ‘has a lethal combination of obscurity [and] secrecy…which make her an uneasy fit for any narrative, speculative of factual,’ just like me- I like to keep my secrets regarding love strictly factual as much as possible which is why I keep a blog of my love life to appease those interested and quell the gossip as much as possible. While I agree gossip has its place, I don’t believe it has a place in my personal or family life. I hope you respect my privacy. This is part of my fundamental policies of being as open and honest as possible with you. Thank you for respecting my privacy at this time.

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