‘Why Try to Fit in When You’re Born to Stand Out?’ Part of the Feminism in the 21st Century Series: The Bluestocking movement

The Blue stocking society was a forthright movement of the mid-1800s. People supporting the movement wore woollen blue stockings rather than the much more fashionable black ones. This was a political statement to show that the people supporting the movement put intelligence above more superficial things such as fashion and how they look. It was supported by a wide range of celebrities of the day including Edmund burke and Elizabeth Carter. In today’s society not much has changed in some ways. If you think about it, people wear jeans to work for ‘jeans for genes’ yet being a female engineer is not considered ‘cool’ but why? Surely the Blue stocking movement proved

After all, I do run my own company- is that intellectual enough? Would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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