‘The Fight for the Right to Live as a Woman in the 21st Century’ Part of the Feminism in the 21st Century Series: Being Educated as a woman in the 21st Century

Mary Wollenstonescroft also taught us a fair bit about education in the early 19th century. Sadly, in some respects not a lot has changed since then. She advocated financial and intellectual independence that women all over the world still fight for today. So with this, I aim to set up a charity that supports women’s causes. This is the so-called ‘Kindess Project’ and will aim to give women from poor economic backgrounds a chance to better themselves through ‘cottage industry’ work. This will include (but not limited to) making boxes for the kindness project. The project will also aim to give the women qualification in business administration for those that desire and need it to enable them to lead the project as their own later down the line. A portion of the profits will be invested into womens charities such as Safeline who support victims of rape (as you’ll find out from this story)

Happy Beautiful day everyone,

Emily Smiles,

Caretaker CEO Zest and Fresh

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