‘There’s Something About Staci’ Part of the Relationship with Sex Series

When I first my my friend Staci, I thought she was sweet- if a little blonde ( like she couldn’t always add) but that was ok because she was my friend. It’s strange the people you meet-and how much you find out from them- even if at first they seem different…

I couldn’t quite figure out what was different about Staci- but it just felt that way…

I also have a friend called Benji. He’s really sweet but a little shy at times.

Benjy also likes to do business with complete strangers as we’ll be setting up a fantastically exciting new project as part of Zest and Fresh to inspire burlesque dancers from all over the country. He’s inspired me in the words of Walt disney (paraphrased a bit) ‘to do it because I dreamed it,’ Dreams are possible and dreams make sh*t happen. Never let your conscience tell you no, never let anyone hold you back and never let anyone tell you ‘you’re not worth it’ because  YOU ARE BRILLIANT! YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE ZEST QUESTER!

Together, we are Zest and Fresh. Together we’re going to fix the NHS with alternative medicine. This will be done with some of the most brilliant minds in the country. These people are also some of my bestest friends who have talent beyond measure (I’m sure you’ll all be rewarded in heaven some day!). So with this, I’d like to kindly welcome them to Zest and Fresh Burlesque Academy to learn the art of Burlesuqe. I hope you’ll join me on my fabulous Zest Quest.


See you soon!


Caretaker CEO Zest and Fresh


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