Is It Because I Was Raped? Part of the Relationship Series: The Incidence of Rape Culture in the US and UK

Morning Zest Questers,

The following post is all about rape. I’m sorry if it’s something that’s too horrific for some but I felt it needed to be said.

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Dear Henry,

The above picture represents me and you. I loved you so much but you broke that trust and shattered our relationship into a million pieces. This was because of a lack of eductaion as you’ll see in this blog. I hope your happy with yourself!

much love,



What exactly is rape culture?

The cultural practice that normalise the acts of rape or other forms of sexual assault


Is it easy to report?

According to Harding, the majority of the time, the incidents have to be reported to male investigators which puts women off. What’s worse is in Harding’s case study the woman was calleda  ‘crazy bitch,’ for apparently lying about her story.


Rape is difficult to prosecute

‘rape is a difficult crome to prove’ according to Harding. Often there’s very little evidence such as video footage. Harding also makies an interesting point that the prosecution has to convice the jury members and its likely many of them have a cultural bias towards ‘slutty’ women thus makin it harder to convict

Media perpeturates rape culture

2008 episode of Mad Men featured a scene in which Joan Holloway was rapred by her boyfriend. She expressely says no and resits but he doesn’t listen and eventually she has to give in while her bf holds her head down

Rebecca Solnit (Men explain things to me) ‘When women try ot speak up against ende,ic misogony, they’er often subjected to even more misogyny and threats of violence from men,’

After the murder of 6 women in California in 2014, #YesAllWomen became a symbol of defiance unity among women across the world. Find out more on Let’s create a culture of sexual consent and a lot more yes’!

However, it’s pertinent to err on the side of caution after the 2012 rape od Jyoti Singh in India. While, the incident caused an outrage in India, sexual and domestic violence rates are still high. In order to lowver this, Solnit suggests using the right language to help increase awareness and develop new vocabulary that helps people undersand the rape culture better

Creating a healthier understanding of sex

Ask before going ahead with something even if its just kissing and touching. Examples such as the ‘Mindy Project’ are excellent for showing what consentual sex is. Mindy and Danny are having sex when suddenly Mindy says ‘that doesn’t go there’ Danny replied that he slipped which clearly isn’t the truth. Groundbreakingly though, they talk about what went wrong afterwards and why. I wish there was more of this culture. What do you think? Would love to know your comments below 😀

Happy Beautiful day!

Katie Smiles

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