‘Lets Get Motivated!’ Part of the Relationship with Business Series: Motivating Employees and Contractors in A 21st Century Situation

Morning readers,

This update sets out the layout of the working environment I’d like to create- could anyone help? Please use the ‘contact us’ page if you can!


The design and layout of the office should be open and light. This is a fundamental of my company. Afterall, no one should suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Additionally, the office should be a flexible space to allow creativity to flourish ‘the ability to rearrange the space helps emplyees to be more productive,’

‘when you change where you sit, you change your point of view,’ no one should be sitting in the same place for more than 2 days. This should improve ideas and increase motivation.

Open workspaces also help facilitate communication which in turn promotes joy and increases work place happiness (one of the foundations of the company)

Menlo uses a technique called ‘high speed voice technology’ (Direct communication). This system promotes active listening among many other benefits. By following the direct communication technique, you avoid conflict (in theory) thus cussing out any mis-haps in communication.

Additionally, employees at Menlo are assigned a single computer as a pair. The theory is that this facilitates teaching and learning. I’d like to give this a go in my company and I believe it will become another foundation of the company if it works well.


Happy Beautiful day everyone,

Katie Smiles

CEFO Zest and Fresh Mental Health Serivices

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