The Next Richard Branson? (Female Entrepreneurs Under 25)

Hi, I’m Katie CEFO of Zest and Fresh Mental Health services and I have a dream. I have a dream that I can save the NHS through holistic treatments and alternative therapies which currently aren’t offered as ‘there’s no science behind them’ (Personally, this is a load of bullsh*t considering I found an overwhelming amount of evidence suggesting salsa classes do work for depression)

However, I find it a challenge achieving my dream as I wasn’t taught the fundamental business lessons at school. I find this a bit of a conundrum really… the government wants to spend  ‘33% [of the] £45 billion spent on goods and services supplied by non-public sector organisations’ (National Audit Office, 2016 )  by 2020 yet if the initial education isn’t in place to achieve this how can the government expect consistent growth?

While I have little experience in the business world (thanks to a lack of lessons in this area) I have taught myself a few things from the Sims (yes- really!). However, truth be told I have no idea about how to achieve my dream…that’s when my business mentor stepped in (welcoming Pete soon!). It’s a long story how we met- so I’ll save that for another day but basically he encouraged me to achieve my dream through alternate ways.

For example, he taught me that my anxiety was a good way to stay inside and help build my business, depression made me gain weight but helped me to cook and build one of the fundamental recipes for our company and that social anxiety wasn’t so bad after all as it kept me from answering the phone but allowed me to build my social network of over 400 friends and contacts (more coming soon on how to manage these issues!).

You see, mental health has its ups and downs but ultimately I wouldn’t change who I am as it’s made me a stronger business person. Just a little proof that you don’t need a degree in business management to be a successful entrepreneur…

Would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

Happy Beautiful day everyone,

Katie Smiles

CEFO Zest and Fresh Mental Health Services.

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