A Sorting Kinda Day: Welcoming Staci, Mr. Banks and Austin the Delinquent

Dear Readers,

Today is a ground breaking day! I’d first like to introduce Staci who has an undiagnosed mental illness and isn’t so good with her finances. She also struggles with dyslexia now and then but that’s ok, Mr. Banks is here to help. He’ll be helping her become a better fiscal financier (or fishcal fancier as she likes to call it!)

I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do! Please follow me on google plus as updates will be coming soon!

Happy Beautiful day everyone,

Much love,

Katie Smiles,

CEFO Zest and Fresh


ps. Please follow my blog ‘Dear Mr. Banks‘ to keep up with the saga of Staci and Mr. Banks with Austin the delinquent.

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