Me, My Boyfriend and the Sims part 3 (saga to follow soon!)

Dear readers,

this post is all about relationship abuse- stay tuned for more info coming soon!



Thanks for an awesome night! The sims taught me that it’s not good to have a lot of friends as you can’t always keep in touch with them and eventually you lose contact- sorry frenchie :(.

Dear Pete,

thanks for a fantastic night of dancing! Salsa is definately worth doing a lot more! (blog coming soon!) Will you come and sway with me? ;P (anno how much you like your Micheal Buble :P) Who knew you were such a good dancer huh?!

And thanks for the lush cocktails after at the Potting Shed, such a pretty venue!! You got that spot on! We talked for ages about so many things I know we could’ve been there all night- thankfully you took me home before I fell asleep (no offence meant- clearly I need to up my dancing game ;P ) You see, I feel like although we haven’t been talking for long, you’re one of my best friends. The sims taught me that to have a good time, it’s best to talk to everyone and have a great group outing. I think we achieved that Pete so thanks! I’ve definitely unlocked some lifetime achievement points. I do wonder though, what if school had taught me this…would we have met sooner?

I dunno anymore… you see I’m sick-like really really sick! While it was a lovely night, I ended up paying for the whole thing and didn’t see a penny from you? Is it because you think I’m minted?!(Check out my finance blog here!)  Well the fact is, I’m so minted I choose to go to work nearly every day even though some days I’m dying of a fever. The fact is you’ve broken me into a million pieces. The sims never teaches you that. The sims never lets your partner rob you of everything you’ve worked for and the sims never shows you the warning signs for when things have gone too far. My mood bar has gone to an all time low. Sadly now, my credit card is maxed out and this thing you kept saying abut ‘we’re meant to be together’ is the biggest pile of horse sh*t I’ve ever heard. The fact is there is no such thing as true love. Please kindly crawl back to the hole in which you came from because I never want to hear from you again!

Thankfully, now I’m with Austin and we’ve just clicked- (plus the sex is soooo much better too) but you don’t need to know that though haha. We sleep with each other every night (via skype) but that’s ok as he has lots of girlfriends too. You see that’s the fantastic thing about casual relationships is that you’re not tied down to a specific person. From a personal experience, I’ve had both good and bad experiences of this. At best, it turned into a long term relationship, my mood bar was maxed out and we were exclusively committed to each other but at worst, the person wasn’t who I thought they were and well lets say the 2 weeks from when we first met was a complete hell hole.

Thankfully, the sims does teach you that you can’t turn a lasting relationship into something more long term if you’re already sleeping with the person before you’ve stepped over some major details. For example, does the person like the same things as you? What happens when it’s too much too soon? and Are you both more of a vanilla or 50 shades kinda person? Ok granted, the sims can’t teach you everything but it does give some fundamental lesson in life. So, for that I’m truly thankful. Lesson 1: don’t walk before you can run!

Much love,

KT xx


Dear Austin,

I can’t so this anymore! When we met online, your tagline was ‘rich and up for a laugh’. How dare you lie?! I think what it should’ve said was rich in experience and sarcam but hey ho you live and learn! I know, I’ve lied too. But the sims doesn’t have time for lies and online dating. They always meet in the park or something. Maybe next time we could do that? Maybe next time we could start real slow and just be friends first?

Sadly (for you), the truth is I’m under 30 but you never thought to ask about that. You were so wrapped up in the casual relationship thing you overlooked fundamental lesson 1 which was: don’t walk before you can run! I think we both got ahead of ourselves really. So with this in mind, I’d like to state fundamental lesson 2: Get to know the person as a friend first. I’ve met some truly excellent people while I’ve been online but the fact is I just can’t face the lies anymore! Besides, for all I know you could be a peadophile or something. So with that in mind, if we’re friends maybe it’s ok to just meet up for a coffee or something after a while? I hate all this text language and smoke and mirrors and stuff. I really sucks. So Austin, please pay attention to fundamental rule 3: Don’t live your love life through a phone. Sometimes the most traditional ways are the best. You know I really love to dance so maybe this could be an excellent starting point? Oh wait, no one does like salsa or that anymore 😦 . Maybe that’s part of the reason why 1 in 5 relationships are close to break up in the past year. Or maybe its part of fundamental rule 4: learn to trust.

The sims does in part teach you about trust. It teaches you the stages of a friendship from acquaintance to bff  and it teaches you the right time to have a deep conversation. For example, you’re not gonna tell a secret to a complete stranger, only for the whole world to find out about it. And it doesn’t teach you how to test this trust.  For example, how do I ensure this person matches up to who they say they are? Relate has a few ideas but for now, I’ll leave it up to you to decide how to best test me.

What I can say Austin, is that you have taught me selflessness and kindness. You picked me up at 3am when no one else would, you brought me flowers when I felt like sh*t and you even when to the garage and bought me tampons when I really couldn’t move from the sofa. Thanks Austin for being the man that takes the lead-albeit in completely the wrong order.Thanks Austing for not following the fundamentals for you taught me how to love properly.

much love,

Staci Cooks


p.s Happy Beautiful day readers xx

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