A Warm Welcome!

Hello! And welcome to Beneficial Art Therapy (a.k.a the BAT project) and PROJECT:kind. Here you will find all of the latest updates.

First of all, we’ve teamed up with the PROJECT:Kind team who create these fantastic kindness bags. How exactly? Well, thanks to some excellent helping hands in the community, these bags are loving put together in a local cafe. (we’d love you to come along and help if you’re free! Dates and times coming soon) This project supports those with mental health issues although its open to the wider community too. The repetitive nature of the work enables the person to focus on one task at a time. This could be anything from gluing bags together, to filling up pots of exciting products or even creating some fantastic works of art! As the project has a range of tasks, it’s tailored to the person…

…Or at least this is the dream…

With your help, a portion of the profit received from a bag you’ve probably bought today will help towards covering the costs for materials of this fantastic project. In the future, we hope this project will be lottery funded so that we can have a permanent councillor and therapist with us. However, until then PROJECT:kind together with BAT will continue to help the community in the best way possible.

Thank you for buying one of these fantastic bags today.  We hope you’ll be hosting a party to share the Neals yard love soon.


Katie and Team Zest and Fresh



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