Will You Kindly Calm Me Down: Dealing With Stress

Dear Readers, I think this post is fairly self- explanatory.


Happy Beautiful day everyone!

Much love

Katie Smiles xx

To all of my fabulous readers, this is written with someone close in mind. Please take care of your beautiful strengths- they’re a gift and should be nourished!

Once upon a time,

in a land far away,

lived a princess and a dragon,

who needed to be slayed.

The dragon was big and fierce and strong,

but Leyla the princess had done nothing wrong.

Except work hard to be free from its claws,

the claws of the dragon that needed to be sleighed.

For she worked so hard, day and night,

so much so that everything was beginning to give her a fright.

She swept the floors, cleaned the tables,

washed the walls and talked to Ann of Green Gables.

Day and night she was a slave.

A slave to the dragon that was anxiety.

She couldn’t sleep and so she worked and worked and worked.

But sadly, this hard working princess wasn’t alone.

All across the land, there were 440 000 other princcesses who had the same problem.

They too couldn’t slay the dragon.

The dragon that was anxiety.

And so all these princesses came together one day,

with the help of a good wizard,

and they said enough is enough!

and the wizard said let me help if I may,

to slay the dragon that is anxiety.

The wizard asked about the princesses’ evil step mothers’

and asked them about the hours they’d been working

to which the princesses replied ‘Too much, I’ve had enough and I’m not working for nothing,’

The wizard replied,

‘Let me be more loving’

And so the princesses came together in a big convention to sit and talk about loving.

Loving how they would slay the dragon that was anxiety.

piles of never ending dishes

They would’ve loved to not have to be constantly washing up,

or constantly having people ask them ‘what’s up?’

or even ‘that’s not good enough,’

And the princesses hated the fact that thier evil step mothers that ruled thier lives,

were full of lies,

and empty promises.

So the princesses came together to talk about their hate,

their hate of the fact improvements were so late (or never actually)

and their love of the fact that they were going to kill the dragon that was anxiety (in the workplace)

So the wizard came up with some potions

and some lotions

to help kill the dragon that was anxiety.

With a bipitydee and a bipitydoo.

the wizard called on the fairy godmother,

the fairy godmother that was relaxation,

to help kill the dragon that was anxiety.

And so, she explained with a deep breath (or few),

how to make the world a brighter hue,

breathing in and out, in and out,

was what it was all about,

to kill the dragon that was anxiety.

And so equipped with the lotions and potions of aromatherapy (blog coming soon),

and the deep breaths of relaxation from their fairy godmother

the princesses felt much better prepared,

to kill the dragon that was anxiety.

And so 440 000 became more like 2000 the next year,

as the princesses had learned how to kill the dragon that was anxiety.

Happy beautiful day readers,

I’ll see you in July in court,

the court of misconceptions

(aka the National Glass Center, Sunderland)

Kindest regards,


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