Sunbeams of Kindness (Setting Out What PROJECT: Kind Stands For)

Dear Readers,

I hope you enjoy this read xx May the Sun Shine Out of You and May You Always Look Lovely (coming soon) xx

Dear readers,

K is for…kinasthetics (the art of doing good) and the the foundation of the company..

I is for…inventions (let your mind unleash its creativity with the BAT project- coming soon!)

N is for…negativity… we don’t like that here at PROJECT:Kind so we’re learning to turn that negative energy into a positive thing! (Dance lessons coming soon!)

D is for doneness… how does it feel to accomplish something amazing?!

N is for… neutrality…we aim to maintain neutrality in everything we do- more on this coming soon!

E is for enthusiasm…. everyone we work with must have a passion for what they do. No exceptions!

S is for …. Smile….we like to make people smile here at the PROJECT:Kind!

S is for… self-worth… we hope you get the feeling of being awesome by helping your community!

K-I-N-D-N-E-S-S! Welcome to the kindness project. We hope you join our efforts to be the ultimate effective altruist!

More coming soon about this exciting project!

Happy Beautiful day readers,

‘May the Sun Shine Out of You and May You Always Look Lovely’ (post coming soon!) xx

Emily Smiles-Wood-Ward (because I’m married to the idea of kindness)

Chief Executive Founding Officer of Zest and Fresh


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