There’s Something About Staci (Setting Out Our Vision For the Future)

Hi readers,

please bear with as you read this as it’ll all make sense in the end.


KT Smiles


Morning beautiful readers,

this blog is kindly dedicated to a close friend who has asked me to write about something that she’s been hiding for a while…

My friend is fun,

sometimes she wears her hair in a bun,

she’s blonde and flirty,

and really kinda girly,

my friend likes all things lacey,

and they call her Staci

When I first my my friend Staci, I thought she was sweet- if a little blonde ( like she couldn’t always add) but that was ok because she was my friend. It’s strange the people you meet-and how much you find out from them- even if at first they seem different…

I couldn’t quite figure out what was different about Staci- but it just felt that way…

I also have a friend called Benji. He’s really sweet but a little shy at times. He calls me every day and makes sure I’m ok- becuase my ‘illness’ can be annoying sometimes (but that’s for another post). I like to think we’re 2 parts of the same pot at times as we both have similar ailments- although you should never let an ‘illness’ hold you back. 

Benjy also likes to do business with complete strangers as we’ll be setting up a fantastically exciting new project. He’s inspired me in the words of Walt disney (paraphrased a bit) ‘to do it because I dreamed it,’ Dreams are possible and dreams make sh*t happen. Never let your conscience tell you no, never let anyone hold you back and never let anyone tell you ‘you’re not worth it’ because  YOU ARE BRILLIANT! YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE ZEST QUESTER!

Together, we are Zest and Fresh. Together we’re going to fix the NHS with alternative medicine. This will be done with some of the most brilliant minds in the country. These people are also some of my bestest friends who have talent beyond measure (I’m sure you’ll all be rewarded in heaven some day!).

I hope that by following this fantastic blog you’ll be inspired to join our fabulous journey to the ultimate Zest Quest of a mental hospital with alternative natural treatments. The ultimate hospital that will be designed from world leading research based on some of the best hospitals and hotels in the world.

My illness has taught me that it is possible to heal yourself through food, exercise and other natural treatments such as aromatherapy (post coming soon on my other blog) and I want to prove to the world that there is an alternative to drugs. My treatments will be based on some of the oldest practices in the world such as hydrotherapy, the fundamental principles of chinese medecine (such as acupuncture), spa treatments such as reflexology and healthy eating to name a few. These treatments are backed by some of the best science in the world and led by a top researcher named Ivy Scuthie.

So, I have a researcher, therapists and a doctor but I’m asking for help as I need an architect and a project manager to see this plan through from concept to completion. For we are Zest and Fresh and we are in search of excellence. I’m calling on  my fantastic university that is the University of Derby to help me build my dream as they’ve always promised me that-yes dreams are built upon and inspired by education. (Tim told me that!) So yes, architectural, medical, clinical research and business students- I’m calling on you! I’m offering the job of a lifetime for the right person. Help me build my dream and help us save the NHS  that has been saving us for so many years. Isn’t it about time?

I’m looking for people with flair, creativity and out of the box thinking- for as you know by now, I don’t do ordinary. If you’ve been called a wierdo, a criminal or a slag (or any other names of my posts 😛 ) please contact for my dream is about to come true and I’d like to pass on the same fortune to someone else. Thank you…

…For I am Staci and I am Benjy. I am bisexual, I am a business woman and I’m in love with a complete stranger. His name is Pete and he’s my world. Pictures to come soon 😀

Happy Beautiful day

Much love,

Katie Smiles-Ward (soon to be married- eeeeeee!) xx

p.s this was because I was married to the idea

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