Dear Henry, Thank You For Making Me a Wallflower (Relationship Abuse)

Dear readers,

This post is all about relationship abuse. I hope you find it as eye opening as I did to write it.


KT xx

Dear Henry,

I’d like to hartily thank you for allowing me to fale and also allowing me to teach you how to deel with disapointment. I hope you have an excellent feeling of failure. Thnks for playing the game.

This letter is Deadicated to every teacher who cares enough to change the system, and to every student brave enough to stand up and speak up. Your words and thoughts are <3! or in the words of Bob Dylan ‘if you don’t underestimate me, I won’t underestimate you,’

I’m going to argue that top-down industrialized schooling is just as threatened, and for very good reasons.. there is a scarcity of access is destroyed by the connection economy, at the very same time the skills and attitudes we need from our graduates are changing. I didn’t m8k it to uni 😦

Thank you Henry for allowing me to go to skool. in the manufacturing industry. Did you really stART- education? I’ve herd complaince and increased production- but really – think of the avrage classroom today still production over achievement? I wish I new how 2 m8k frinds but I don’t skool didn’t teech me that. Insted they gave me dyslexia and poor concentr8tion. they did teech me 2 text tho lol.  If you do a job where someone tells you exactly what to do, he will find some1 cheaper than you to do it. And yet our schools are churning out kids who are stuck looking for jobs where the boss tells them exactly what to do. WHy I hatesd my job – where doe sleaderhsip and creativity taught at shcool? Is mediocirty acceptable in this day and age? avg industrial and economic growth 2007-2017

UK economic growth 1949-2011

‘As long as we embrace (or even accept) standardized testing, fear of science, little attempt at teaching leadership, and most of all, the bureaucratic imperative to turn education into a factory itself, we’re in big trouble’

Thanks for making me highly uncultured. I cant rite like dis cos i havent been to skool- not properly anyway- they jus teech me riting and shit- not proper lyf skills. sad aint it ‘There’s a significant cultural distinction between a high school drop-out and a Yale graduate’ said my teecher. I didnt now wot she meant as they dont teech you wot uni is for so was like ‘ummm if u say so,’ and den she said ‘you gotta go to get a good job,’ but I’m stuck in dis factory and shit and it aint no fun for us battery shciks 😦

I’ve tried to rexal but cant cxo. So babes, ‘as soon as we associate reading a book with taking a test, we’ve missed the point. What if skool taught us the importance of reading for relaxatoin,’ wot if it was meditation?! ‘I’m confused my skool didn’t teech me that eever. wots that miss? I aksed and again she laufed. I’m stupid she said. that made me cry. I have no creativity ‘but if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree, it will live it’s lyfe thinking it’s stoopid,’ or summit like dat BUT If the goal was to raise the standards for rational thought, skeptical investigation, and useful decision making, we’ve failed for most of our citizens. I’m sad no wunder my teecher says i can’t spell. Henry, why have you done this to me?

I ❤ dance, as it teeches me to express myself but its banned in skool cos its not PE wotever is that anyway. were taught footbal but not rugby, athletics but wivout any specalism or the right techniques. Henry, u gave me a breakdown and no tools to spot wot was happening. why did it t8k until hospital for me to learn how 2 relax? I’m sad Henry, so so 😦 but I can’t express it cos skool didn’t teach me the apropriate moments to show my anger and emotions. Am I sorry, I don;’t know…maybe I’m juts soo poilte. dey day yogs are good at teeching u to beeth and they have dis think called yoga balls and pilates and all dat shit but I don’t know cos I wasn;’t taught dat at skool. sorry babes- me and u were jus never meant to be

So insted I tried a beauty therapy college. Dey tught me how to decorate an dpaint nails and my reading and writing got much better. I enjoyed what I did. I loved the lines and calming effect it had on clients. The y were relaxed and they were the happies they’d been in a while. My spelling, reading and writing still had a few mistakes now and then but generally, they taught me how to live a truly excellent life. The yeven taught me how to operate my business on a shoe string and now I’m on a 30k salary but it won’t be long before I’m a mulit- millionaire. Why did you never buy me any nice presents? I bought so much for you, took part in all your tests (even the ones that made me trult hate reading) and watched loads of telly just to ‘be cool’. Why did you try to make me like you?

After beauty college, in the blink of an eye of a whisper of smoke, I could’ve lost everything but I didn’t. You see Henry, you’ll never know when you’ll run out of time to learn how to learn. So, I took a free class in effective money management cos you stole all my cash from me too. You basterd! I’d worked so hard but the college told me to spend it and I knew no better so you broke me again. What an utter basterd you are!

Thankfully, the classes were just hte councelling I needed but I still couldn’t get a job as I knew more about trigenomertry than my own personal budget…so go figure I can work out the angle of how fast a car speeds around a corner but I don’t know how to set a food budget for the week. Henry, I still feel like you’re a thief. Why did you take up 18 years of my life in a wasted factory constantly belittling me?

So in order to correct this I took up modelling classes. Luckily, you did yeach me how to sew but only teddy bears so insead I just made a dress of them. I didn’t have the option to do anything else. So with this outfit, I went to my first interview but they laughed at me. Why was I the subject of such ridicule Henry? They said I was ‘a joke’ and ‘unpractical for this type of job’ but you made me like this….so why did you set me up for disappointment?

So then I took up cooking classes so I could make you something tasty. Thankfully, you quite like this sciency subject so we learnt quite a lot. Like how to cook fruit, how to bake a cake and stuff worked. But I’m still not excellent. My time management was a little hazy so why did you only like me do one thing at a time? How is that productive?

So then thhis person taught me how to breathe. I laughed when she first said- have you learnt to breathe properly cos it’s basic human anatomy…apparently. She said that I could count to 3 when i was breathing in, hold it for a couple of seconds and then count to 5 while breathing out. She also said that I could do it while I was outside and walking with friends. I felt highly productive as it was the first time since college that I’d felt calm and relaxed. But you wern’t happy that I’d put on all this weight trying to find myself again so i decided to kick it up one more gear.

running, became a great saviour and an amazing sense of calmness and tranquility. I learnt these words from reading magazines and journals trying to find the perfect technique as you forgot to tech me this Henry. I’m just sorry we really weren’t suited for each other but once again as I’m a nice person I gave it my all to make it work. Thank you for helping me get useless qualifications that I’ll never use, thank you for not picking up on something that college only taught me and thank you for making me a highly self-less wallflower that gives more than she ever learnt through a f*cked education system.

Henry, I urge you to take a look at yourself- like a serious look at yourslef and ask if you really are a good teacher, a good boss and a good dad or husband cos my mam has had to teach me so much moe than you ever could and that’s why I know no different. That’s why also so many of my friends will get divorced in a loveless marriage, why so many will work in a job they really hate and why so many of my friends will never achieve the true brilliance they’re so capable of. Once again Henry, thank you for making me a slefless wallflower. I’ve only learnt from experience that some lessons have to be self taught because you f*cked up my life so much.

Kindest regards,


(your ex-best friend)

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