Welcome to Zest And Fresh!


Zest and Fresh was started in 2017 as a Mental Health Organisation. With mental health issues at an all time high, our aim was to promote a healthy mental lifestyle through increasing awareness.┬áToday our mission is the same. We hope you’ll join us on our ‘Zest Quest’ whether that’s from an office, a conferencing facility, a local cafe or your own home.

About the CEO

Hi I’m Emily- I’m an avid blogger, chef and running fanatic. I want to tell you firstly about my journey and how it led to me to where I am today.


After successfully completing a degree, I undertook a high pressured job with long hours. While the work was great, it eventually led to a down fall in my mental health. Skip forward 6 months and I’d lost a stone and could barely sleep. Eventually, I ended up in hospital with a serious mental illness.

Skip forward a few months and I was slowly getting better but the NHS had failed me in successfully providing the after care and support I needed. I wasn’t 100% better and I still felt that some sort of holisitc approach would be an excellent way forward. While there were various charities that existed, I felt a lack of cohesiveness between them and certain gaps in their care. This is where Zest and Fresh comes in.





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